Projects portfolio

The iPrint Institute collaborates primarily with Swiss companies, but there are already several collaborations with international companies in progress (France, Germany, Italy, Austria, UK, Israel, India, Japan, etc.). Thanks to our 4 areas of research, iPrint projects are multiple and fill a wide field of application. To respect confidentiality, only a very restricted number of projects are presented.


3D Inkjet Printing of Zirconia

Innovative vascularized 3D human neural in vitro tissues by 3D printing

Direct to shape inkjet printing with robots

Feasibility study of a new dielectric droplet-based assembly process of passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Ebeam in Digital Printing

Design and manufacturing of a new generation of bioresorbable stents

Multifunctional Structures

DCHVA Dry Capacitor High Voltage Application

Digital Plasma

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