Combining laser engraving and UV-Inkjet printing for personalization of security documents


Decentralised desktop solutions have remained a rare commodity in a landscape dominated by centralised colour inkjet printing for security documents. Enter IXLA, a renowned world player in desktop laser personalisation of security documents, which embarked on a strategic partnership with the iPrint Institute. Together, they have meticulously engineered a ground-breaking solution – the seamless integration of a compact inkjet printing system into IXLA's laser engraving machines. Designed to emphasise user-friendliness, this innovative system significantly advances the security document personalisation domain. Positioned as the pioneer of its kind, it is primed to meet the ever-evolving market demands. As the industry transitions toward larger colour images, embraces novel security features, and undergoes digital transformation, this solution is poised to lead the way into the future of security document personalisation.


Funding type Direct mandate
Project supervisor Gilbert Gugler
Research area Graphical Printing

iPrint and IXLA joined forces in a synergistic partnership, capitalising on each other's strengths and expertise. Together, they harmonised their skills to craft a meticulously refined process that leaves no room for imperfection. Our journey, from the meticulous analysis of materials to the grand unveiling of "XPrint" in November 2023, is a testament to unwavering innovation and precision.

Our project commenced with an exhaustive exploration of materials, laying the groundwork for defining ink specifications to elevate the entire process. Through extensive and meticulous ink screening, we discovered an unparalleled match, boasting exceptional adhesion, abrasion resistance, and resistance to UV fading.

A dedicated prototyping platform, meticulously built, rigorously tested, and consistently maintained in a shared laboratory at iPrint, allowed us to fine-tune the inkjet process, optimising printing results and establishing foolproof maintenance processes.

This collaborative endeavour between IXLA and iPrint facilitated comprehensive knowledge transfer and equipped us with the expertise to drive the project forward.

iPrint is not merely committed to enhancing the reliability of IXLA's processes and platforms; together, in a long-term collaboration, we are collectively envisioning a horizon of innovation that knows no bounds.

This vision includes a fusion of cutting-edge security inks, the seamless integration of laser and inkjet technologies, and the emergence of revolutionary security features by unlocking their full potential and synergies for the future. These features are not just about security; they represent innovation, cost-effectiveness, and unprecedented counterfeit resistance while remaining effortlessly detectable.


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