Printing of chocolate micro-structure and edible decoration



Funding type HES-SO – project for scientific officer
Project supervisor Natalia Carrie
Duration 2022 - 2023
Research area Food printing

Research on the formulation of a chocolate fluid to print micro-structure as well as decoration with edible inks which can be enhanced with flavour to manufacture a new innovative tasty product.

The aim of this project is to study the possibilities of formulation of an ink with chocolate and investigate the deposition with inkjet printing. With the development of the process for deposition of chocolate we hope to find a possibility to create micro-structure in the bulk of the candy in order to have a new flavour when it is tasted.

In parallel of this research, the decoration of this chocolate will be investigated with edible fluids. These inks can be used on a biscuits or other type of candy in order to print a colourful digital picture. The idea is to develop a printing process as well as improve the formulation for such an ink including different colours – opacity and flavour and therefore get a personalised candy depending on the preferences.

This project was funded by the HES-SO under the opportunity of developing the competences of the scientific deputies.

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