Study of large-scale inkjet printing on composite panels for the marine environment



Funding type Innocheck
Project supervisor Gilbert Gugler
Duration 2022 - 2023
Research area Graphical Printing

Freight transport by sea represents the main channel to export goods across the world. Every year, millions of containers are loaded onto cargo ships and sent beyond the oceans. Most of the products that became indispensable like electronics or clothes use ships to reach us. Unfortunately, it comes with consequences. Marine vessels produce carbon dioxide emissions and significantly contribute to global climate change.

AELER is a swiss company that came out with an innovative solution to help reduce pollution due to merchandise transport. They developed version 2.0 of containers. Only the frame is made of steel. The side panels are in epoxy. As there are lighter, more can be loaded in one container which decreases the final volume, and thus the necessary ships.

For marketing purposes and to keep track of these initially white containers, AELER uses stickers to add logos and serial numbers. However, to gain flexibility and costs, AELER wishes to replace the actual method with digital printing. iPrint Center demonstrated the feasibility of the project. The challenges lay in the unusual substrate and the rough environment that require specific inks.

The feasibility study financed by INNOCHECK is on hold to decide what the next phase is.

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