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Do you think inkjet could revolutionize your business? Are you interested in future digital manufacturing opportunities? Do you already use inkjet but need the help of an expert? Do you want to co-create the future of inkjet?

iPrint is here to support you! iPrint’s mission is to provide support in the use of the inkjet and other digital printing technologies, as well as to improve such technologies to make tomorrow’s digital production possible.

There are several ways to collaborate with iPrint, from short feasibility studies to long term collaborative projects. Feasibility studies allow companies to explore new ideas, and are often performed as pre-projects to minimize the risk. Direct mandates or publicly funded projects through the Canton of Fribourg (NPR), the Swiss Confederation (Innosuisse, SNSF) or the European Union (Horizon Europe, Eureka, etc.) are also possible.

Furthermore, iPrint is committed to supporting academic partners through digital printing-related student projects at the bachelor’s, master’s or PhD levels. Stable funding from the HES-SO allows iPrint to develop new technologies autonomously and to foster collaborations with other research institutes in the domain.


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