Do you think inkjet could revolutionize your business? You already use inkjet, but you need experts’ support? Are you interested in future digital manufacturing opportunities? 

There are several possibilities to collaborate with iPrint on both industrial and academic projects, from short feasibility studies to long projects. Feasibility studies allow to explore any new ideas and are often performed as pre-projects to minimize the risk. Longer projects can be for instance funded by the Canton of Fribourg (NPR), the Swiss Confederation (Innosuisse, SNSF) or the European Union (H2020). Of course, business to business projects are always possible.

iPrint is also committed to supporting academic partners through students’ projects, at bachelor, master or PhD levels related to digital printing. The funding of the HES-SO already allowed iPrint to develop new technologies and to foster collaborations with other research institutes of the domain.

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Are you looking for a reliable and expert partner for a long term collaboration related to digital manufacturing and in particular to inkjet printing for additive manufacturing? 

There are several possibilities for partnerships with iPrint. Renting a lab at iPrint is the best option to have access to our well-equipped facility and to be in close contact with our experts. Several companies have already followed this option and have now a lab at iPrint. It has to be stressed that our labs in the facility of the Marly Innovation Center are already equipped with the necessary infrastructure for the handling of chemicals, fluids, etc.

iPrint also has long-lasting partnerships with several industrial and academic institutions around the world. These partnerships are key for the partners to have access to new applications and customers, and for iPrint to have access to cutting-edge technologies and materials.

Furthermore, iPrint is committed to support its partners by training young engineers that eventually join them with the necessary knowledge.



Are you missing some equipment for your printing project? Do you want to test your printing process on a pilot line? Do you need a quick advice from iPrint’s experts?

iPrint services include a measurement lab dedicated to the characterization of inks and substrates relevant to printing processes, a coating lab for first printing tests, a pre- and post-treatment labs to treat the substrate or the printed inks, two roll-to-roll pilot lines, which add to the numerous platforms that can be easily reconfigured for your needs, and simulation tools relevant to optimize printing processes. Furthermore, iPrint works in close collaboration with its spin-off Droptimize, specialized in drop watching. If you need any advice from our experts, which cover a very broad range of expertise, from print head design to post-treatment processes, iPrint’s experts are always available for consultancy.

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