Ebeam in Digital Printing


Ebeam technology is used in digital printing to polymerize inks and varnishes. Compared to standard UV light curing, this principle has the key advantage of being more environmentally friendly because it eliminates the need for initiators, the most toxic elements present in inks.


Project supervisor Gilbert Gugler
Research area Graphical Printing

This solution has considerable potential for printing on packaging substrates, specifically in the agri-food industry. Rising to the challenge, Flamatt-based company Comet Group has developed the world’s most compact ebeam polymerization lamp. Integrated into a production line, this technology forms the basis of highly compact systems. To develop and test this innovation, Comet Group has partnered with inkjet specialists, the iPrint institute.

In an initial project, the iPrint Institute’s engineers developed a special inkjet printing test platform that allowed Comet Group to easily and quickly test digital printing and drying processes using different combinations of inks, print heads and substrates. Subsequently, in a longer-term continuation of this collaboration, a pilot production line was installed in the iPrint Institute’s premises at the Marly Innovation Center.

This cooperation model is an excellent illustration of how our regions’ high schools and industries combine complementary know-how, indicating a bright future for the development of new applications with commercial potential. 

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