Our multidisciplinary team is our strength.

Coming from different professional and educational backgrounds, iPrint’s scientific staff is made up of specialists with industrial experience, postdoctoral scientists and professors to ensure high levels of theory and science along with field-tested practical experience. Diversity is an important point in our hiring process. Besides an outstanding professional and/or management profile, we also focus on a strong social profile to foster a spirit of skill sharing, helping and mutual education in the team.

Stéphane Audriaz

Gioele Balestra

Justine Bovay

Patricia Brodard

Luca Brügger

Loïc Bullot

Natalia Carrie

Lucie Castens Vitanov

Carlos Chabert Ull

Rajasundar Chandran

Charlotte Cotting

Yoshinori Domae

Yannic Eltschinger

Sebastian Filliger

Gilbert Gugler

Guillaume Guinot

Jian-Lin Huang

Céline Ilano

Sylvain Kämpfer

Philip Kessler

Clovis Lapaire

Grégoire Magnin

Christophe Marthe

Muriel Mauron

Marco Mazza

Vincent Nidegger

​Roseline Nussbaumer

Lorenzo Pirrami

Ioana Preda

Johannes Renner

Fabrice Roubaty

Benoît Sahli

Vincent Schneuwly

Julien Stüssi

Raphaël Wenger

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