Ioana Preda

Co-head of Printing for Electronics

Ioana (Oana) Preda is an electrical engineer with a PhD form University of Montpellier. During her thesis, she focused on the design and the optim​ization of epoxy nano-dielectrics for high voltage applications. After two post-docs targeting dielectrics optimization, one with Hydro-Quebec in the “Materials research" group and one with Alstom Power (now GE) in Quebec, Canada, she obtained a position as an Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering department of HEIA in Fribourg, Switzerland. Aside from her continuous work on materials for medium and high voltage applications, she is currently part of the “Printed electronics" research group at iPrint Center. On top of bringing her dielectrics expertise to the team, she is taking on new challenges such as replacing “classical" energy harvesting and energy storage techniques for autonomous sensors, by the use of additive manufacturing and ink jet techniques. ​

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