Industrial partnerships

How to work with us?

Are you looking for a reliable and expert partner for a long-term collaboration in digital manufacturing–and in particular in inkjet printing?

Long-term research collaborations are good opportunities for our partners to secure dedicated engineers at iPrint to work on their projects, to train junior engineers who transfer back to the company afterwards with the acquired knowledge and skills, and to gain access to iPrint’s laboratories and equipment to accelerate project developments.

Renting a lab at iPrint is the best option to have access to our well-equipped facility and to be in close contact with our experts. Several companies have already followed this option and have a lab at iPrint. It has to be stressed that our labs at the Marly Innovation Center are already equipped with the necessary infrastructure for the handling of chemicals, fluids, etc.

Furthermore, we can evaluate, optimize and co-develop new materials (inks, substrates, powders, etc.), equipment (print heads, pumps, ink systems, pre-/post-treatment units, electronics, etc.) or platforms (roll-to-roll, sheet-to-sheet, binder jetting, etc.) through partnerships. Several suppliers have already chosen iPrint to test their latest products. iPrint is able to use these products in applied research projects for the industry, thus opening up new markets for suppliers.

iPrint also has long-lasting partnerships with several industrial and academic institutions around the world. These valuable collaborations give our partners access to new applications and customers. In return, iPrint gains access to cutting-edge technologies and materials.


➡ Material supplierS

Co-develop - iPrint develops or modifies your materials for the needs of the new process under development
Optimize - iPrint can optimize your materials
Evaluate - iPrint can also evaluate your materials


Co-develop - iPrint can develop or modify machines for our application partners based on our processes
Optimize - iPrint provides assistance with process optimization
Evaluate - iPrint evaluates your printer and promotes it in our tech transfer

➡ Equipment SUPPLIERS

Co-develop - iPrint develops or modifies your devices for the needs of current or future processes
Optimize - iPrint can optimize your devices
Evaluate - iPrint can also evaluate your equipment

➡ Application partnerS

Co-develop - iPrint can develop new inkjet-based digital processes
Optimize - iPrint can optimize an existing inkjet-based digital process
Evaluate - iPrint can test the feasibility of a new inkjet-based digital process



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