eBeam Pilot Line

Video / 01 Jul, 2018

The Access ebeam Atelier and Pilot Line facilities contain: A fully functional EBLab from ebeam Technologies – a standalone, compact, and simple-to-use electron beam system that allows R&D teams to play with parameters and push boundaries Continuous Pilot Lines at selected locations offer continuous throughput for inkjet, coatings and substrate treatment and sterilization applications

Graphical Printing

Our ebeam  facilities allow businesses to trial R&D applications to establish concept viability, before scaling up to continuous processing with the Pilot Line. In this way, ebeam Technologies helps bridge the gap between the initial concept and the implementation of ebeam technology, and guides businesses through the process of tailoring their solutions to meet their needs.

We believe that it’s not only critical that businesses are made aware of the benefits of ebeam technology for applications in ink curing, polymer crosslinking and sterilization to name only a few, but also that they be able to test solutions in controlled conditions with expert support to enable the exploration of new production opportunities. Through being able to trial ebeam treatment and production with Access ebeam, partners and clients can see first-hand how they can harness the true potential of ebeam to develop new materials, test product quality, and ultimately transform the capabilities of their current.

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