​​​​​​​​​​​​​​iPrint is positioning its research and education on digital printing and coating with a clear focus on inkjet technology. With its expertise in these fields, it concentrates on developing technology and on opening up the field of application domains for inkjet printing.

In an interdisciplinary way, iPrint covers all the involved domains and disciplines: 
  • Creation and treatment of printing data (computer science) 
  • Conception, control and optimization of printing processes including print heads and nozzles (mechanics, electronics, material science, physics) 
  • Formulation of inks, functional fluids and particles (chemistry, material science, physics) 
  • Optimization of interaction between ink and substrates (chemistry, physics) 
  • Processes of drying and curing (chemistry, physics) 

iPrint contributes to the technology transfer between the innovation in fundamental, pre-competitive and applied research and their application in a wide range of domains in the industry as well from a material point of view as for processes and products. It supports its local, national and international partners in all domains, where digital printing and coating technology can be used for production processes toward digital direct manufacturing in the context of industry 4.0.

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