The Inkjet Training

The “Inkjet Training Center” based inside our facilities in Marly, Switzerland, offers "hands-on" fundamental and advanced classes to participants coming from all over the world. The “Inkjet Training Center” is valorizing iPrint’s competences, not only through the courses, but much more through the contact and discussion of the participants with our specialists.

All our courses are based on 50% theoretical classes given by recognized international experts in the field and on 50% practical sessions in our well equipped labs, where you will work on our research printing platforms and measurement devices.



Foundation Course

19 - 23


The objectives of this foundation course in inkjet engineering and inkjet chemistry are to broaden the knowledge base and to acquire inkjet specific terminology and vocabulary enabling interdisciplinary communication and discussion between the disciplines.

Masterclass on Inkjet Rheology

21 - 23


This course covers all aspects of rheology relevant to inkjet printing and at timescale relevant to inkjet printing. 

Masterclass on Waveform Development

26 - 28


The focus of the course is to train participants in assessing, developing and improving waveforms for a drop on demand inkjet printheads as well as to be familiar with measures for reliable printhead operation.


Personalized trainings

In addition to the standard offer, we can also organize personalized trainings on specific topics to better reply to the needs of our customers. iPrint is flexible and happy to support you in your inkjet education. Just contact us to discuss which is the best solution to support you.


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