Coating Lab


To guarantee best support for printing development projects, iPrint is running a film application laboratory as well as a measuring lab.

The professional service is about offering every single customer the individual advice needed to find the best possible solution for applications in thin film coating and printing processes by providing a recommendation for the most suitable method and system setup.

Being well equipped with state of the art thin film deposition tools as spin coater, automatic film applicator, screen-printing and lamination tools the laboratory gives our process specialists the ability to verify and test process concepts immediately. Pretreatment of substrates by corona discharge, flame or atmospheric plasma as well as curing by air, IR, UV or ebeam can be tested in the coating lab. By identifying in early project stages potential solutions for wetting, adhesion and material compatibility allows us to putting our customers a step ahead of the competition.

For further information on infrastructure and rates, please contact Gilbert Gugler. / +41 26 429 68 27​

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