R2R pilot line DEXMA


DEXMA: Digital Exploring Machine

(R2R and Loop pilot line for Inkjet and pre-metered coating)

DEXMA is a shared R2R pilot line where partners and iPrint engineer’s work together to further develop printing and coating processes and optimize customized applications. Partners will benefit greatly from joint feasibility studies designed to support investment decisions, the development, and optimization of product formulations and scale-up from the laboratory (sheet-to-sheet).

DEXMA is highly flexible and very versatile. In particular, they can process all types of substrates between 20 and 800 μm thick and at speeds between 5 and 500 m/min.

See the Dexma specifications

For further information on infrastructure and rates, please contact Gilbert Gugler. 

gilbert.gugler@hefr.ch / +41 26 429 68 27

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