Graphical Printing

Research areas

We are nowadays surrounded by objects that have been decorated with some sort of graphics. From packaging to newspaper, a lot of every day products are coming out of printers. These processes used to be analog but digital inkjet technologies offer a lot of advantages and is therefore widely used in the industry.

Graphical printing has always been limited to flat objects, but needs are increasingly shifting towards complex curved objects. Recent developments to increase jetting distances and image processing awaken a lot of interest for direct-to-shape (DTS) printing. Being able to print on any object opens a whole new range of possibilities.

Having successfully carried out projects from the toy and watchmaking to the automotive industries, the iPrint Institute is the perfect partner to develop new ideas. In our lab facilities, our multidisciplinary R&D team works on the development of new technologies, processes and printing platforms.

Measuring ink properties, analyzing substrate interactions, evaluating suitable printheads or ink curing parameters; we test the entire production process, analyzing costs and wastes until validation.

The iPrint Institute’s “Graphical Printing” research group works on printing with graphical quality on complex objects with curvature as well as challenging materials, with the goal of developing new manufacturing possibilities.

iPrint Institute is currently one of the largest institute for DTS applied research world-wide.


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