Video/ 13 May, 2020

Selective inkjet coating of PCBs with paraffin wax

Video/ 01 Jul, 2018

eBeam Pilot Line

The Access ebeam Atelier and Pilot Line facilities contain: A fully functional EBLab from ebeam Technologies – a standalone, compact, and simple-to-use electron beam system that allows R&D teams to play with parameters and push boundaries Continuous Pilot Lines at selected locations offer continuous throughput for inkjet, coatings and substrate treatment and sterilization applications

Video/ 01 May, 2017

iPrint Institute - video presentation

​​​​​​iPrint is an international competence center in digital printing and coating aiming to be one of the major centers of the world for research around inkjet and being the leader in education in inkjet engineering and inkjet chemistry. Unifying leading national and international academic institutions and a substantial part of industry along the value chain of digital printing and coating will offer substantial competitive advantages in the global market to its industry partners.

Video/ 30 Apr, 2017

The iPrint Institute contributes to the future of manufacturing

Industry 4.0 uses digital technologies to react more quickly to market changes, offer more personalized products and increase operational efficiency. The iPrint Institute contributes to the future of manufacturing in a wide range of domains.

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