Innovative technology

As applied research, iPrint uses and optimizes most commercially available inkjet technologies and researches digital production processes, but some projects cannot be realized with these technologies. For such projects, iPrint is also working on making the impossible possible through innovative technology development activities. That is our R&D activities in the Innovative Technologies. 

Innovative printhead

For the inkjet of the future, iPrint is researching and developing several core technologies that will expand the capabilities of inkjet printheads and add new features.

Innovative print system

Inkjet is now being used for printing on 3D objects as well as on 2D, and iPrint is researching and developing the required technology to meet these new challenges in "direct to shape " printing.     

Innovative ink supply

Because iPrint has mastered the handling of various ink types, iPrint is researching and developing the technologies needed for the ultimate ink supply system.

Innovative pre/post process 

iPrint is researching and developing the basic technology of plasma treatment technology as on-demand technology as surface modification technology, just as inkjet is on-demand printing.



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