Inkjet Ecosystem

Why not join us in the Marly Innovation Center, Switzerland, and co-create the future of digital production by inkjet?

iPrint is fostering the development of an ecosystem focused on the inkjet technology at the Marly Innovation Center. Several companies of the inkjet printing industry already joined this ecosystem and are now located at Marly Innovation Center or nearby.

Our vision is to offer through this inkjet ecosystem to any interested company the opportunity to receive the necessary support for its inkjet and digital printing developments. On one hand, innovative technologies will be developed together with equipment suppliers. On the other hand, new inkjet applications will be developed thanks to the wide spectrum of equipment and materials that the members of the inkjet ecosystem can offer and create with us. iPrint connects people and knowledge to create innovations that contribute to valuable products for our inkjet ecosystem and to the well-being of society in a sustainable way.

We can count on a very multidisciplinary, talented and international team, on well-equipped laboratories with numerous research printers and measurement devices, on sound national and international industrial and academic networks, as well as on excellent engineers from our universities, that we are continuously training at iPrint. Informal exchanges within the ecosystem will allow us to foster innovation and co-creation.

What can the inkjet ecosystem proposed by iPrint offer you?

  • Accessibility to high level inkjet-oriented resources
  • Accessibility to necessary equipment and measurement devices
  • Laboratory and office spaces
  • Support in your developments of new technologies, products or processes
  • Strong network of equipment and material suppliers, as well as application partners

Where is iPrint?

iPrint is located in Fribourg, Switzerland, a bilingual city (German/French) and easily accessible from three international airports.


Let’s inspire the inkjet printing industry, let’s challenge conventional technologies and let’s create the future of inkjet!
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