Are you looking for a reliable and expert partner for a long term collaboration related to digital manufacturing and in particular to inkjet printing for additive manufacturing? If this is the case, iPrint is the right partner for a long-term partnership.

There are several possibilities for partnerships with iPrint. Renting a lab at iPrint is the best option to have access to our well-equipped facility and to be in close contact with our experts. Several companies have already followed this option and have now a lab at iPrint. It has to be stressed that our labs in the facility of the Marly Innovation Center are already equipped with the necessary infrastructure for the handling of chemicals, fluids, etc.

iPrint also has long-lasting partnerships with several industrial and academic institutions around the world. These partnerships are key for the partners to have access to new applications and customers, and for iPrint to have access to cutting-edge technologies and materials.

Furthermore, iPrint is committed to support its partners by training young engineers that eventually join them with the necessary knowledge.

Please contact us for a first discussion.

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