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​Who should attend?

The course is open to everybody in inkjet that wishes to broaden their knowledge base: you are an expert in one of the specific fields of inkjet and wish to better understand the other disciplines. Whether you are involved in ink-jet system integration or in inkjet system operation, this course is for you! Even if you are new to inkjet, this course offers a quick start!

Course objectives

Inkjet engineering is a multi-discipline technology requiring a broad knowledge base. The objective of this foundation course in inkjet engineering and chemistry is to take engineers and chemists skilled in their disciplines and broaden their knowledge base. The course is a hands-on practical course backing up the theory of the class room sessions. There is a focus on the terminology and vocabulary of inkjet enabling communication and discussion between the disciplines.

During the week, the participants will build from supplied components a small lab scale inkjet printer, they will deve-lop a basic jettable fluid, measure the physical properties and introduce the concepts of material compatibility, pig-ment dispersions stability and waveform development.

Entry requirement

Either qualification and experience in one of the following areas:

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Color Science

Or experience in development of printing systems or ink.



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"Good course. Where I had prior knowledge (Electronics/Software) the course was not useful. However in areas where I did not have much experience the course was very useful. I appreciate that it is difficult to go into a great deal of depth within a week long course covering a large number of topics."  -  IJT #10

"The overall course rating is very good. All the topics addressed fit completely with the knowledge required for a better understanding of inkjet world. All the presentations were clear and simple enough for persons with different background."  - IJT #8

"The staff, the organization and the research equipment were great."  -  IJT #8

"Thank you very much for this fine occasion to meet other people in the field and to get to know a bit the wide diversity of disciplines required to make inkjet work. Thanks a lot to the whole team from iPrint for the big effort and very warm welcome."  -  ITC #5

"There was always someone around to answer questions and all the equipment worked well."  -  IJT #9

"The time dedicated to the laboratory practical training was absolutely useful to highlight the whole amount of problems that can occur during the development of one single process. Some additional more detailed material (even as paper documentation, not discussed during the presentation) could be useful for somebody who wants to pay attention on something concerning its Area of expertise."  -  IJT #8

"The course definitely gave me a good overlook over the various aspects of inkjet printing. It was a nice time!"  -  ITC #7

"I think it was really interesting to watch and handle the different IJ printhead models during the "Printheads" presentation, to understand how different they can be depending on the manufacturer."  -  ITC #4

97% of our participants recommend The Inkjet Training!

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