​Masterclass on Inkjet Rheology

Rheology is the study of the deformation and flow of matter under the influence of an applied stress/strain. Flow/deformation behaviour of complex fluid like ink cannot be simply described by classical fluid mechanics or elasticity and such fluids are termed non-Newtonian fluids.
Recent innovative ideas and technological breakthroughs in printhead design and ink formulation have extended inkjet technology to newly emerging markets and applications, such as display fabrication, control-release drug delivery, anti-counterfeit and 3D printing. Fundamental understanding of ink chemistry, formulations and influence of individual components and ink as- a-whole on dynamic flow behaviour in-channel, nozzle, in-flight and on-substrate during printing is vital to control print quality (drop ejection characteristic, reliability) and further advances in the capability of inkjet technology.

Learn more: 2018-09_Masterclass-On-Inkjet-Rheology_iPrint.pdf


Masterclass on Waveform Development - COMING SOON

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