Digital manufacturing

The heart of the process is the material deposition. iPrint has a unique expertise in inkjet printing, developed during the research activities of the last decade and the hiring of worldwide experts in this field. One of the strengths of iPrint is the availability of print heads from most of the manufacturers. Depending on the customer and process needs, we will select the most suitable print head. The experience we have developed with the different print heads, combined with the very close collaboration with several key print head manufacutrers, are true assets of iPrint. iPrint is currently also in charge of testing new print heads not yet on the market. We are always one step ahead and can support you with the best selection of print head. This is of course also true for customers working with the binder jetting technology, where new print head can unlock an hidden potential of this booming technology.

iPrint is also developing strong competences in hybrid advanced manufacturing processes, where we combine different printing technologies as inkjet, direct ink writing, extrusion or FDM together to overcome the limitations of each technology and allow new product to be digitally manufactured.

Inkjet / Binder jetting / Hybrid AM (DIW, extrusion)

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