Digital manufacturing

Over the past years, iPrint built more than 40 research platforms. Such platforms are very modular and can be modified for the specific need of a given process. Furthermore, the printers can accommodate multiple inkjet print heads and pre-/post-treatment devices on the same platform. New hybrid platforms combining several printing deposition methods are also been developed. iPrint disposes also of robotic arms for Direct-to-shape applications and is currently developing a technology for this domain. It is important to mention that strong competences in ink systems are available at iPrint. Finally, all of our platforms are equipped wih drop watching stations, to directly optimize the waveform on the printer.

It has to be stressed that iPrint printing platform are research platforms not suitable for industrial production. Once the process has been develop at iPrint, we work in close collaborations with machine integrators to realize an industrial machine for our clients, based on the process and equipment developed and selected by iPrint.

Linear axes / Robotic arm / Ink systems

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