Digital manufacturing

At iPrint, we develop digital printing processes with a plethora of different materials: pigments, silver, copper, gold or ceramic nanoparticles, graphene flakes, cells, proteins and photonic balls are just few examples. UV, solvent and water based or even e-beam inks are used on a daily basis. Depending on the custumer application requirements, existing inks can direclty be used or new ones can be formulated. iPrint can count on very strong partnerships with ink manufactuerers worldwide that allow us to dispose of the most suitable material and develop high-value products. Furthermore, we are also working with top Universities to develop innovative materials for future applications. It is worth mentioning that iPrint is also working with other materials that can be deposited with other digital printing technologies as direct ink writing, extrusion or FDM.

Conductive / Dielectric / Color / Biofluid / Metallic / Ceramic / Glass / Smart / Eco / Soft / Rigid

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