Digital manufacturing

The USP of iPrint is the sound knowledge, experience and network in the different process steps necessary for an inkjet-based digital production, from the material to the final product. Such digital production can be employed in a variety of domains and mainly depends on the possibility to formulate a suitable material and the availability of compatible printing and post-treatment technologies. The different process steps include the formulation of the ink, its rheological characterization, the pre-treatment of the substrate, the printing, the post-treatment of the printed layer and the development of a prototype printer to eventually demonstrate the feasibility of the process for the digital manufacturing of a given product. Not only iPrint can support its partners through the different steps, but we are developing new technologies to improve the potential of the digital production.


Formulation of the ink | Its rheological characterization | The pre-treatment of the substrate | The printing | The post-treatment of the printed layer | The development of a prototype printer

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