Nicolas Muller

Head of Graphical Printing

Nicolas Muller studied experimental physics at the University of Fribourg. After graduating in 2012, he continued his academic career by realizing a PhD in the fields of soft condensed matter physics and nanophotonics of complex optical systems. In 2015 he joined the research institute iPrint and iPrint Center for Digital Printing, located on the Marly Innovation Center, as a scientific collaborator. Nicolas’ main tasks are to perform cutting-edge inkjet research studies in close collaboration with industrial partners while atthe same time lecturing at the University of Fribourg and at the HES-SO Fribourg. In 2017 he was appointed assistant professor at the HES-SO Fribourg, where he continues his research studies in the jetting and the printing of a diversity of complex ink formulations with state of the art inkjet technologies. Nicolas’ main research interests based on inkjet include: pigmented and structural colors, jetting and printing of micrometer-sized particles of polymeric or oxide nature, Direct to Shape material printing.

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