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Florian Fassler is leading the digital technology development at Polytype, an international development and plant engineering company.

Its core expertise and market leadership cover metal packaging, printing on plastic cups and tubes and digital printing technology.

Since joining the company in 2010 he has been working on a broad range of industrial digital printing machines. He holds a master’s degree in mechatronics with a special focus on digital printing.







Sam Takeshi Kawai was born and grown up in Japan.

After obtained a BA degree in the international business, he moved permanently to the UK in 1997.

Since 2006 Sam is a director of Marketing Standard Limited, a business service providing market development and growth strategies for corporate clients and public sector organisations, having more than 20 years of experience in the digital printing industry.

Alongside the digital printing, Sam has worked in the foreign direct investment field with various governmental organisations, supporting projects between businesses, government and academics.







Dr. Rita Hofmann is a research lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, Bern University of the Arts, Institute for Materiality in Art and Culture.

Honorary member of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology, Dr. Hofmann was  nominated as individual member into the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) and also received the HP Image Permanence Award.







Werner Zapka is a free consultant in Stockholm, Sweden. Ph.D. in physics at the Max-Planck-Institute in Göttingen, Germany, on design and applications of excimer and dye lasers. 

He serves on the committee of the annual Digital Fabrication (Printing for Fabrication) conferences and he organized and hosted the Technical Conferences at INPRINT 2018 Milano, and INPRINT 2019 Munich.

In 2016 he was awarded with IS&T’s Gutenberg Prize for his contributions to industrial inkjet printing and digital fabrication and in 2018 he edited the ‘Handbook of Industrial Inkjet Printing’ (publisher WILEY). Werner Zapka has authored more than 60 scientific publications, and holds 22 patents. Furthermore, he obtained six IBM Invention Achievement Awards.




Steve Knight has a background in electronic engineering and has been involved in the development support, sales and marketing of disruptive technology to industries using imaging technology since 1986.

Steve has worked for leading companies in a variety of roles in global positions as well as consulting for numerous companies on the development and launch of digital print equipment.

He is the co-founder of TheIJC (The Inkjet Conference) and TheIJT (The Inkjet Training).



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